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Is There Really Software That Can Make Your PC Faster?

Posted on March 31, 2015  in Tips

If you own a PC like most of us do, you will sure come across countless websites where someone claims that they have software to sell which is supposed to make your computer faster and better. Among those types of software be so-called registry cleaners, tune up utilities and similar.


To be honest, in my experience, most of those programs don’t do a thing and some of them are actually outright scams. It’s simply a myth that “cleaning” your computers registry would help it to run faster or would help to avoid crashes and freezes.  Sometimes you can actually seriously screw up your Windows based personal computer if you use this type of software programs.


If you want a rather helpful software for your PC that I can recommend then it is CCleaner. CCleaner comes in a free and professional version, the free version does actually all you need!


If you run a modern operating system such as Windows 7 or Windows 8 there is really not that many additional software programs you would require to make your computer run fast and efficient. Get yourself a reliable anti-virus program such as Kaspersky or AVG and you should be all set. Don’t fall for the many shady websites out there that try to sell you some type of program to make a computer “better” and “faster”.

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