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My Experience with Electronic Invoicing

Posted on May 12, 2015  in Tips

electronic invoicing and e-invoicingIt was Mike who told me about electronic invoicing several months ago. At first, I really did not know what he was talking about. I have to admit that I never heard about electronic invoicing before, let alone why I would need it for my small business.


Several weeks later, by pure coincidence, another buddy of mine, Andrew, also mentioned electronic invoicing and how it helped him with his own business. And this is when I finally paid attention because I felt I might be missing out on something and possibly should look into this as well.


I had sort-of a test phase of one month where I used electronic invoicing to see whether there is really any benefit from using it. I can tell you already that this this month was all that I needed to make the decision and switch to electronic invoicing right away. Let me tell you why!


Using E Invoice is not something where you need a degree in rocket science. It simply means that you will send (or receive) your invoices by email. It works by using an intermediary service provider that receives, converts and dispatches your invoices. Basically, you cut out the entire postal mailing process which means you will save a lot of time.


There is not a lot you need to change in your existing process. I still create my invoices as I did before. With the difference that I don’t mail them with my shipments any longer but email them to the electronic invoice provider service instead. The fact that the switch to electronic invoicing was so easy was one of the main reasons I knew that I would never go back to traditional invoicing again.


For me as the owner of a small business, the switch to e-invoice has proven very effective! It’s definitely a lot of time and work saved which I can now use for other, more constructive things in my business!



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You Should Really Consider an Ergonomic Computer Chair

Posted on March 31, 2015  in Tips

ergonomic-computer-chairIf you spend a lot of time on your computer, be it work related or when you like gaming like I do, the computer chair you are using can make all the difference.


Don’t be surprised to have all kinds of problems over short or long if your PC chair is the old, used and shabby £10 furniture piece you found on a flea markets last month.


A modern ergonomic chair may well cost you more than £10 but it’s an investment that in my opinion is definitely more than worth it!


I have seen that with my new chair that I got two months ago I don’t have any problems any longer sitting or gaming.


Before I had to get up every couple of hours since back started to seriously hurt especially during those prolonged gaming sessions.


Needless to say, I immediately told my boss how much better an ergonomic computer chair is urged him to get the same model for my work as well. To my surprise he immediately agreed on this, in fact he ordered a bunch of those ergonomic chairs for everyone in office!!


It cannot over-emphasise how good I feel now even after eight hours at work at the office. I’m not getting tired and longer and it is overall just much better if you know that your furniture is not only comfortable but in fact healthy and helps to prevent all kinds of health issues!

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Is There Really Software That Can Make Your PC Faster?

Posted on March 31, 2015  in Tips

If you own a PC like most of us do, you will sure come across countless websites where someone claims that they have software to sell which is supposed to make your computer faster and better. Among those types of software be so-called registry cleaners, tune up utilities and similar.


To be honest, in my experience, most of those programs don’t do a thing and some of them are actually outright scams. It’s simply a myth that “cleaning” your computers registry would help it to run faster or would help to avoid crashes and freezes.  Sometimes you can actually seriously screw up your Windows based personal computer if you use this type of software programs.


If you want a rather helpful software for your PC that I can recommend then it is CCleaner. CCleaner comes in a free and professional version, the free version does actually all you need!


If you run a modern operating system such as Windows 7 or Windows 8 there is really not that many additional software programs you would require to make your computer run fast and efficient. Get yourself a reliable anti-virus program such as Kaspersky or AVG and you should be all set. Don’t fall for the many shady websites out there that try to sell you some type of program to make a computer “better” and “faster”.

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